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December fancy dress competition winner

December 2011

The last winner of our 2011 monthly win back the cost of your costume competition is the fantastic Jess Kinsmen who donned the Deluxe Christmas Tree costume to get into the festive spirit during the holiday season.

Jess brought a little festive joy to family and friends when she wore the costume for Christmas day for the kids and than again on New Year’s Eve for a night out.

She told us she was thrilled that the costume, “actually is how it looks in the photo! Very good quality, will last quite a few Christmases to come so no need to buy a new outfit for a while :-) Would fit many sizes and shapes - i'm 5'3 and fit me fine, also fit my dad who's 6'6 and pretty well-built. Best costume i've ever bought - and i've bought a lot! Highly recommended.”

 We’ve had so much fun reading your reviews and seeing the pictures that you have sent in that we’ve decided to continue the competition into 2012 and every month during the New Year we’ll be giving one lucky customer the chance to win back the cost of their costumes







October fancy dress competition winner

November 2011

November’s fancy dress winner may have just well provided us with our favourite image of 2011… so far. It was sent in by Pete Lawley during a weekend in Derbyshire for a friends 50th birthday celebration appropriately entitled, ‘Gazfest’

Pete, seen in the picture, opted for the classic Shaun the sheep costume during the celebration where the group of friends had a 5 mile ramble through the countryside and a fancy dress party in the evening.

Pete told us that the costume, “Was worth the money just to order the pint of Black Sheep Bitter at the lunch stop with the words ‘I fancy a black sheep’!! Met a couple of collies on the walk I tell you they aren’t that brave when the sheep’s 6 foot tall !!! The weekend was a great success and everyone loved Shaun.”

To see more pictures of Pete’s hilarious adventure checkout our Facebook Fan Page and if you fancy becoming December’s fancy dress costume competition winner find out how to get involved & for your chance to  win back the cost of your costume.




October fancy dress competition winner

October 2011

October’s fantastic fancy dress costume competition winner is Joel Stratton from Haverhill, Suffolk. Joel wore the Wicked White Rabbit Costumeduring Halloween where he manically planted himself outside the house as a prop in a plot to scare passing trick or treaters.

The local trick or treaters didn’t stand a chance and Joel had an amazing night of fun in his costume. Joel’s mother Katrina told us that he was over the moon to be featured as October’s winner and will wear the costume many more times to come.

Katrina told us that it was very fun to hear all of the trick or treaters scream and that, “Joel absolutely loved his Halloween costume, it’s definitely the best we have seen, he had many comments on how cool it was and we passed on the escapade name as to where we got the costume from. If in future we need another themed costume I would come back to your site and order, very good service and costumes are brill.”

Want your chance to be November's fancy dress competition winner?   Follow the link to check out how you can be featured on our wall of fancy dress fame!

September Fancy Dress Competition Winner

September 2011

September’s fantastic winner of our monthly Win Back the Cost of your Costume Competition is our very own Super Girl Isabel Shaw.  Isabel sent in a picture of her posing with two police officers in Trafalgar Square wearing the Deluxe Supergirl Costume.

She was raising money in a charity sponsored walk around London on the 18th of September and entered into a spirited conversation with the officers about who was the better crime stopper, which she claims to have won!

Isabel told us that, “The outfit was so comfortable and I felt famous, everyone was looking at me and asking to have their photo with me. I loved it!”

Want your chance to be October’s Halloween fancy dress costume winner? Check out how you can get involved. 




August fancy dress competition winner

August 2011

The August winner of our monthly “Win Back the Cost of Your Costume Competition” is the young Astronaut Titus Logan. Titus’s Mum Esther ordered the Childs Astronaut Costume for a party on the 13th of August.

Esther told us that when Titus donned the costume, “He really believed he was the real thing when he wore it , and I’m having a hard time getting him to take it off.” which is unsurprising as when he entered his party she told us the other kids reacted with a “Big Wow”.

Esther said that 6 year old Titus’s life’s ambition so far is, “To be a real astronaut and I hope that this first suit will bring back memories when he actually gets there.” At Escapade we also hope to see Titus in a real Astronaut suit in the not too distant future and wish him the best of luck making his dream come true!  Who knows, by the time you hit twenty Titus technology may have caught up to the point that you could be the first man on Mars!

Want your chance to be September's fancy dress competition winner?  

July fancy dress competition winner

July 2011

July’s winner of our monthly “Win Back the Cost of Your Costume Competition” is the fantastic Irma from the Netherlands who donned the Deluxe Red Queen costume from the new Alice in Wonderland film for the 2011 carnival season in Holland.

Irma choose the Queen of Hearts costume and dressed up with her boyfriend who went as the Mad Hatter as both were big fans of the costumes and characters from the Disney Alice in Wonderland Movie. The couple said that, “We got an amazing reaction from our costumes lots of people were taking pictures it was really worth the money and effort.”

While her costume looks amazing on its own at Escapade we are especially impressed with the amazing job that she has done applying her authentic character makeup, so we asked Irma if she could provide a few tips on how to get that perfect Queen of Hearts look, check out her advice below:

  1. Print a picture off from the Alice in Wonderland film of the Queen of Hearts character for inspiration.
  2.  Use a good white make up and apply it thickly onto your entire face and neck.
  3. Use a small make up brush with light blue make up and eye shadow and make deep crescents extending from the eye lids to half way up the forehead to get the eyes effect.
  4. Paint your lips white with make up and use red lipstick and a brush to create a heart effect over the lips.
  5. Finish off the look with a Queen of Hearts wig.

Want your chance to be August’s fancy dress competition winner?

June's fancy dress competition winner

June 2011

June’s winner of the monthly “Win back the cost of your costume competition” is Andrew Nash from It's Partabulous, an events company that provides entertainment for 4 – 10 years olds. Andrew wore the Harry Potter costume for a special event. Read below about his fun filled day of “Pottering”.

“I wore my Escapade Harry Potter Costume for the first time to run the entertainment for a Harry Potter themed party for a new client in Hampstead this June. The birthday girl dressed as Hermione and her slightly older brother as Ron and I, Harry, stepped out onto the street to begin greeting party guests as they arrived.

The street leading up to the venue was cobbled so it looked like our very own version of Diagon Alley. The children arriving were spellbound when greeted by ‘the real’ Harry Potter and there begun our two hours of Hogwarts style entertainment with the children split into the Gryffindor and Slytherin Houses, with House Captains earning gold coins for their teams with the ultimate goal of winning the coveted ‘Golden Snitch’ trophy and prizes.

We started with a message from Dumbledore who asked the children to help find Harry’s Battle Wand which had been lost and we solved the series of clues and found the Wand which meant Voldemort wouldn’t come to spoil the party after a magic spell. We played Harry Potter character corners using physical characteristics and phrases from the well-known characters to earn gold coins, had a joke competition, a team challenge of Harry’s Hammer and a Quidditch tournament using balloons.

The 2 hours flew by and the kids and I had an absolute blast…so did the parents too who all joined in the Hokey Cokey at the end. The costume certainly helped me to provide the authentic magic that only Harry Potter could bring to a party to train these young witches and wizards. Thanks Escapade!”
Want your chance to be July’s fancy dress competition winner?


Childrens Teletubbies Costume

May 2011

May’s winner of our monthly “Win Back the Cost of Your Costume Competition” is the 14 month old Leander from Denmark. The young “Dipsy” donned the Children’s Teletubbies costume with the help of his mum Anita for the Danish Carnival season.

At Escapade we have long been envious of the amazing European carnival parties that don’t reach our shores here in the UK, and as Leander illustrates in the above image this is for good reason. Leander wore his Teletubbies costume for a local carnival, or as the Danish call it “Fastelavn”. He is holding a bat because he is in the process of carrying out a Danish carnival tradition of beating a barrel full of treats and sweets. The child that smashes the barrel is crowned king of the Fastelavn!

Leander’s mother Anita told us that he had a great day, “Leander was the youngest of the children, but he easily found out how to use the bat and with a little help he found his way to the candy. We all had a fun and memorable day with our children, but Leander was absolutely the cutest of them all in his Dipsy Costume.” The girls in the Escapade office, and the constant chorus of aww's every time this photo is seen, are willing to back this statement up!

Want your chance to be June’s fancy dress competition winner?





Aprils costume Competition Winner

April 2011

April's winner of our monthly "Win Back the Cost of Your Costume" competition is Julie Baxter who wore the winning costume to Lulworth Castle for Camp Bestival 2010. She chose the fantastic Alice Costume for the festivals fairy tale fancy dress theme.

Julie will be heading back to 2011's Camp Bestival in July with her son. She told us that she would be making the most of the festivals medieval fancy dress theme by coming back to Escapade for a medieval costume for the event.

Julie told us that, "The event was brilliant all around; great weather, great people, great music." She then went on to say, "The costume is a very good value for money and good quality. It includes a dress and over knee socks and I'd definitely recommend it."

 Want your chance to be May's fancy dress competition winner? Find out how you can win back the cost of your costume.  





Fancy Dress Competition Winner

March 2011

Check out March’s winner of our monthly “Win Back the Cost of your Costume” competition. The wearer is a girl named Mirna who really brought the Deluxe Spiderman costume to life at a shopping centre in Zagreb, Croatia.

Mirna wore the costume in preparation for the huge carnival season held across Europe. Her friends also dressed up in a great collection of Superhero costumes purchased from Escapade.

Mirna’s friend Maria said, “We had a great time wearing the superhero costumes from Escapade. The costumes were worn for a superhero themed carnival called SuperKarnevale and we had a lot of your costumes there.”

Want your chance to win back the cost of your costume? Find out how now! 




February 2011

Costume Competition Winner

February’s winner of the Win Back The Cost Of Your Costume Competition is the fantastic Yasmin who can be seen here playing the part of Vicky Pollard to perfection.

The 11 year old dressed up as the Little Britain star for a fancy dress party she attended with her mother Tracie who also dressed up as Miss Piggy and said, “My 11yr old daughter as vicky pollard and me as miss piggy. ALL THANX 2ESCAPADE costumes were amazing value and quality”

The Vicky Pollard costume is a favourite amongst both men and women for any fancy dress event and while we can’t guarantee that you can pull it off like young Yasmin has here, we can guarantee that you will have fun trying to!

Want your chance to win back the cost of your costume? Find out how now!



January 2011 Costume Competition Winner

At the end of 2010 Escapade announced that we would be refunding the cost of one lucky winners  fancy dress costume every month during 2011 and today We extend our congratulations to Geraldine Mcintee and her son Craig Rae who are the first winners of our monthly costume competition "Win back the cost of your costume!".

Craig Rae wore the incredibly realistic childs Zombie costume for a school party and again for Halloween. His mother Geraldine was very happy with the costume; 

"My son was thrilled with this costume as it was suitably scary looking for his school party & halloween. it withstood lots of taking off and on and was easy to put on and comfortable to wear. The size stated was a fair representation of the costume. I can't say we have any bad points on this one."

The childs Zombie costume is definitely one of the scariest kids fancy dress costumes on the market and we can imagine that Craig give a fright or two to a few Trick or Treaters over Halloween. Want your chance to win back the cost of your costume? Find out how now!

Christmas Winners

Alice Watkins from Cardiff was the lucky winner of our fantastic Christmas costume competition. She was exstatic after receiving a call from the Escapade team which allowed her to pick two free costumes from our huge range. Alice couldn’t believe her luck and choose the very cool Storm Trooper and Princess Leia costumes for a New Year's Eve party.


Amanda Sansom of Birmingham was another one of our lucky competition winners over the Christmas period. She was delighted to receive a phone call from the Escapade team informing her that she was the competition winner. We gave her free Santa Claus and Miss Santa costumes so that she could do something extra special and dress up for the kids over the holidays.  The prizes were shipped straight away and were received well before Christmas.

Halloween Competition

Mrs D Earl was the lucky winner of our Ghostbusters costumes one male and one female costume. She entered the competition and then completely forgot about it, until a phone call from our team broke the good news to her. Here is the picture of our excited prize winner

competition winner

The lucky winners of our fabulous Star Wars costumes put them to good use by wearing them for a charity event. Dressed to impress and entertain their guest in a spectacular Darth Vader and Princess Leia costume- which defiantly turned heads and helped them to raise some money for a good cause.

star wars costumes .

Winner of the first draw 24rd October: 

Alison Martin. DE7

Winner of the Second draw 16th October  

Ian Rodger. NP26

Winner of the Third draw 10th October 

Rachel Hayes. M33

Winner of the Fourth draw 3rd October 

Jagadesh Rajaiyengar. W1

M Horn. BS23

J. Williams TF2


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